HEART architecture

Arkitektur1HEART entrance. Photo: Robert Halbe

On 09.09 2009 HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art was opened in a new building designed by the international star architect Steven Holl. 

HEART is situated in Birk on the outskirts of Herning a.k.a. "The white City". HEART is just across the street from the Angli building where the local shirt factory owner Aage Damgaard employed many artists in the 1960'ies from both Denmark and abroad. Some of those artists left behind their art works and they came to start the base of Aage Damgaards private collection which is the HEART collection today.

Hence, the textile and art history of Herning were the primary inspiration sources for Steven Holl and thus, HEART's white museum walls have in more ways than one references to the local shirt factory owner.


Arkitektur8HEART from above. Photo: Iwan Baan

From above HEART looks like shirt sleeves and trousers and outside the museum the elevated green reminds you of "arms and legs". HEART has a texture theme showing in the outer walls which are white concrete formed in situ and which welcomes the visitor with a wrinkled textile surface. The references to textile continue inside the building where one is met by the curved ceiling resembling tent canvas.

HEART consists of two galleries of 855 and 815 square meters.


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Arkitektur2HEARTs garden. Foto: Iwan Baan 


Arkitektur3HEARTs outdoor area with a peak into HEART Café. Photo: Iwan Baan


 Arkitektur4HEART Café og værksted. Foto: Iwan Baan


Arkitektur6HEART at night. Photo: Roland Halbe


Arkitektur7HEART at night. Photo: Roland Halbe


Arkitektur10HEART foyer. Photo: Iwan Baan