From Angli to HEART

A tour that will tell the story of how a shirt factory became an art museum which today has become HEART. It was the shirt manufacturer Aage Damgaard who in the middle of the 1960's built the new Angli-factory in Birk. His interest for art and artists made a strong impact on buildings and surroundings. When the factory closed in the middle of the 1970's he and his wife, Bitten Damgaard, established Herning Museum of Art.

For 30 years Herning Museum of Art displayed its Collection and a variety of special exhibitions that reflected Danish and international art from the 1950's and forward. Especially the unique collection of Piero Manzoni pieces placed the museum on the international map of arts and was a big part of the initial thoughts of opening a new and extended museum.

HEART was opened in 2009 but its roots are deeply founded in the shirt factory Angli where the tour will start. During the one hour tour we will move from the 1960's art museum to today's HEART. A mixed culture and cultural/historical journey which also shows a special side of the history of Herning.

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